About the Laboratory

We currently use a Olympus Vanta M Series instrument, which has replaced our original Niton XL3t 980 GOLDD+ portable XRF analyser (pXRF) for routine use. This is ideally suited carrying out analysis of obsidian as it is non-destructive, with very low cost per sample and the ability to take it to museums or into the field.

Standardisation is achieved by use of a set of international standards and the exchange of samples with other laboratories.

Our reference collection of geological obsidian now consists of more than than 1,500 geological samples from all the major and minor sources in Anatolia, Georgia and Armenia.

We welcome potential collaboration. Provided we can agree a mutual benefit, analysis is provided without cost.

We provide a rapid analysis and reporting of results, initially through internal laboratory reports and subsequently through formal publication. When required analysis of technology and typology can be carried out along with high quality photography.